Camping Games

Campgrounds often offer many fun amenities and plan great activities to make your stay enjoyable.  But sometimes a simple game is all you want.  Here are a few games, you can play them all without any special materials or equipment and that the kids (and adults) will love.

Scavenger Hunt

Get kids interested in a nature walk by turning it into a scavenger hunt! Walk along a trail while the kids search for items on their list and check them off as they find them. Nature lovers leave everything just as they find it and take a picture for a keepsake.

Click here a printable Scavenger Hunt check list.

Fairy Houses

Youngsters enjoy making houses for homeless fairies. On a nature walk, collect interesting leaves, rocks, sticks, shells, feathers and other pretty things, and then build a tiny fairy house in the woods or brush near your campsite. A fairy house has to be built someplace secluded because fairies are shy, and it has to be attractive because fairies are very picky, aesthetically.

Bug House

Make an insect terrarium with a big piece of Tupperware or a large, glass jar.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Put some dirt in the bottom of your container.
  • Dig up some worms and put them in the dirt.
  • Go on a bug hunt. Step off the trail and turn over the layer of dead leaves to the soft, half-rotted layer underneath. Sift around and you will find tons of bugs.
  • Give the bugs some food, like a little piece of fruit, and a dish of water.
  • Keep the Bug House in the shade and keep the dirt moist.
  • Take care of the bugs and set them free at the end of your camping trip.

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