Exterior Inspection Tips

As part of your pre-trip routine, also examine the RV’s exterior. Inspect the body and roof of your RV for any separation or cracks. If you have a towable RV, inspect the hitch system for cracks, general wear or loose bolts.

Check the tire pressure while also looking for cracks, uneven wear and any objects stuck in the tire that could create a leak. Make sure the lug nuts are tight on both inner and outer wheels. And, don’t forget the spare tire!

Look underneath the RV, taking a deep breath to see if you smell gasoline, diesel or LP gas. If you do, shut down all pilot lights and get professional help.

Also check for leaking fluids. If you discover a leak, move the RV and check again, noting the color and location of the leak in relationship to the RV. Have a certified RV technician at a dealer or service center inspect the vehicle if there is a leak. Be sure to relay the information about the color of the leaking fluid and the location of the leak.

These are some helpful hints that any RVer, regardless of mechanical ability, can do to help maintain the vehicle and ensure that each trip starts out on the right note.

The vehicle’s owner’s manual should provide more detailed information and maintenance schedules.

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