RV Appliance Tips

The added appliances give RVers the luxuries of home while on the road. Most appliances need little maintenance; however, they do need to be kept clean. Periodic inspection and cleaning of each appliance will do wonders for maintaining the longevity of the appliance. One should follow the instructions of the owner’s manual for special maintenance on each separate appliance.

The fuel source for recreation vehicles is liquefied petroleum otherwise known as LP. The LP system is a completely sealed system and is basically maintenance free. Visual inspection of the tanks for excess rust is needed and tanks should be painted occasionally when rust is prevalent. LP tanks are only to be filled to 80% full. This allows for expansion of the gas as the temperatures heat up. It may be noticed that a smell is coming from around the tank, this could be from the pop off valve which is releasing the excess pressure from the tank. LP is an odorless gas, yet an additive has been added so that a smell is evident when a leak appears. If a rotten egg smell is noticed, the tank probably has developed a leak. Turn off the gas immediately and take it to an RV service center as soon as possible to be repaired.

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