RV Electrical Systems Tips

The electrical system in your RV can seem complex.  With a basic understanding of how it works it can seem much less confusing.

12V (batteries & converters)
The primary system of power on an RV is the 12V system. This system is mainly used for powering the lights, appliances, and accessories on the RV. The battery supplies the power and gets supplement power from the converter on the unit. Maintaining the water level and charge on the battery is the prime factor in proper use of the battery. Checking the condition of the terminals and battery itself helps maintain longevity and usefulness of the 12V system.

The 11 OV electrical system is a secondary power source on an RV. This is similar to the electricity in one’s home. This power source provides electricity to the outlets, the converter, and to some appliances (roof A/C, microwave, and refrigerator). The power for the 110V is supplied by an auxiliary source either by the power cord or a generator. The II OV system is protected by circuit breakers which trip if too much is being drawn through the dedicated circuit. The main item which needs maintained in the 110V system is the shoreline (power) cord. This cord needs to be periodically inspected to insure no damage or loose wires are evident.

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