RV Packing

Packing your RV before a trip is a work of art. Whether you are newbie or a veteran RVer, we hope the following packing tips will be a great tool.

Distribution of Weight

When loading an RV, place the heaviest weight in the center between the front and rear axles. Putting heavy objects in the lower compartments and the middle keeps a good center of gravity.

Once packed, but before taking off on your trip, it is wise take your unit to a public scale and weigh it to make sure you are not over loaded and that your tires are properly inflated for the weight.

Living Area

What you need/want on board to enjoy your trip really depends on your lifestyle and destination. We have compiled a checklist of the most common general household supplies that people pack, it can be found here. We hope that if can also help foster some ideas for your own needs on the road.

While we cannot tell you exactly what to pack, we can offer these tips:

Secure everything! If the RV moves, the contents are bound to do the same. Resealable bags, little boxes, non-skid mats, Velcro and other little tricks and pieces will help keep everything where it should be and together.

Use what you have, bring only what you need. A roll of quarters for laundry takes up a lot less room than a few more outfits

If possible, secure outdoor items like lawn chairs, umbrellas and such outside of your RV. Many times they can be tightly strapped to the rear of your unit.

To keep things handy and organized, pack similar items in the same cupboards, drawers or sections of the RV.

Tools and Emergency Equipment

You never know what’s going to come up when you’re on the road.

For RV fixes, we have compiled a list of the most commonly recommended components for an RV tool box,  you can get it here.

For human fixes, we have also put together a a list of for an RV First Aid kit that you can find here.

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