RV Show Tips

We covered the benefits of attending an RV show earlier.  Now that you have decided to go, here are a few tips to get the most out of the show and have a great day.

Spring RV ShowDecide What You Need:  It is good to have an understanding of how and where you would like to use your RV and what your budget is.  RV shows can have hundreds of new models on display.  Knowing this information from the onset will help you narrow down your search to a manageable level.

Put on the Comfy Shoes:  RV shows are large.  It can typically take a few hours to all day, depending on your level of interest, to see everything you want to see.  There is also a lot of climbing in and out of units.  A good pair of shoes will keep you on your feet.

Grab the Paper and Pen:  As you view the models, it can be helpful to take notes and write down any question you may have for the dealer staff. You can also create a short pros and cons list of what you see.

Take the RV Show Program:  The program will not only contain a list of the dealers present and their contact information but it will also have a map of the entire show site.  This will help you plan out your visit better.

Take a Test Trip:  Just walking through a model does not tell you if it is the best fit for you.  If you think this might be The One, try it out.  Stand in the shower, sit on the furniture, lay in the bed, really check out the kitchen….check everything out.

Ask Questions:  You will not find a larger grouping of Dealer and Manufacturer Representatives in one spot than at an RV Show.  These people are great resources for information on their product.  Consult your notebook and ask away, there is no reason to leave with any questions lingering.

Stay Focused:  It can be a lot of fun to check out the fully loaded Class A models. But if you are searching for a travel trailer, and spend too much time with the Class A’s you might not leave yourself with enough time to accomplish your goal.

Ask for a Return Pass:  Everyone at the show knows that buying an RV is a big decision that you might need time to consider and talk over with your family.  If you need some time to consider the offer a dealer has made you, tell them.  They should have a pass that will get you back into the show after you have had some time make a decision.

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