RVing Terms

DictionaryAt times it might sound like RVers are speaking a foreign language.  We have compiled these common RVing terms to help you make sense of it all.

Basement: Under floor storage area accessible from the outside.

Black Tank: Holds body waste (sewage) directly from the toilet.

Black Water: Waste contained in the Black Tank.

Boondocking: A style of camping that has no hook-ups for power, water or sewerage.

Chassis Battery: The battery used to start the engine in a motorhome.

Class A: This is a Bus style RV.

Class B: Often referred to as Conversion Vans.

Class C: Have the appearance of a long body pick-up with the bed removed and an RV section built on.

Cut-Off Switch: Cuts off power to the ‘house’ portion of the RV.

Fifth Wheel: An RV that is towed behind a truck with a hitched in the bed, not on the back bumper.

Full Hook-Ups: Refers to a campsite that has connections for electric, fresh water and sewage. May also include telephone and or cable TV.

Full Timer: A person who lives in an RV all the time.

Gray Tank: This tank holds the waste water from the sinks and shower.

Gray Water: This is the water that has been used for washing clothes, showers or in a sink.

Hook-ups: Facilities in campgrounds that supply electric or water and provide a place to connect a sewer hose for dumping.

House Battery: These batteries are used to supply 12vdc and limited 120vac (from the Inverter) to the various outlets and appliances of an RV.

Inverter: An electrical box that takes 12vdc from the House batteries and supplies limited 120vac to selected outlets in an RV.

Motorhome: Any type of RV that has a motor.

Pop-Up: A towed hybrid camper that is part trailer and part tent.

Slide Out: Areas that slide out from the main RV body to extend living space.

Toy Hauler: Usually a Fifth Wheel RV that has a partitioned area in the rear with a loading ramp that allows for the storage, loading and unloading of ‘Toys”, such as motorcycles or ATV’s.

Travel Trailer: A type of towed RV that is distinguished by the way it hitches to the tow vehicle. The hitch is attached to the back of a vehicle, not the bed.

White Tank: The potable drinking water tank.

White Water: This is clean water suitable for drinking or showering.

VAC: Volts Alternating Current. Commonly called House Current.

VDC: Volts Direct Current.

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