Setting up Camp

After a long drive you arrive at your destination. It was a safe trip and everyone is ready to get going and start enjoying the great outdoors. Before you get started you need to take some time to set up your RV up. A few minutes spent setting up the RV now can help ensure a memorable experience.

  • If you are towing a vehicle behind your motor home, disconnect the vehicle in the campground registration parking lot before you try to find your site. If necessary, have someone drive the car in front of you while you are looking for the site.
  • When you get to the site, do a brief site survey. Some things to look for are:
    Hookup locations
    Obstacles that could interfere with slideouts, awnings or any other part of the RV
  • Put wheel chucks under your wheels and level as necessary.
  • If your motor home has a battery disconnect switch for the chassis battery, turn it off.
  • Put out the entry steps.
  • Remove the slideout travel locks and put out the slideouts.
  • Connect up to the correct electrical service for your unit.  Be careful when plugging into the electricity, and try if at all possible to avoid using extension cords, which could overload very quickly.
  • Test the electricity in your RV to see if it is working.
  • Connect up to the water, turn it on and check for any leaks.
  • Carefully remove the cap from your sewer hose valve so you can attach it to the sewer drain outlet.
  • Turn on the main LP gas supply valve at the tank or bottles.
  • If you want hot water, make sure the hot water tank and lines are full before you light it. Make sure your water heater bypass kit is not in bypass mode. Every water heater has its own instructions, be wise and follow the ones on yours.
  • If the campground has a cable TV hookup, connect your TV coaxial cable from the RV to the cable connection.
  • If the campground doesn’t offer cable hookups, raise up the TV antenna on your unit. Turn on the TV and the power booster and pull down the antenna base plate, rotating the antenna until you get the best reception.
  • If you plan to use the range exhaust fan, make sure you open the locking tab on the outside range hood vent door.

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